Alexander Graham Scougal

Alexander Graham Scougal was the son of Dr. A. E. Scougal, H.M.I.S., and was born in 1888. He entered George Watson’s College in 1895 and then went to Glasgow Academy. Graduating with Honours in Classics at Edinburgh University, he attended New College for two years, studying theology, but broke off his studies to take up teaching, and; after training in Moray House, became Classical Master at the Edinburgh Institution. A man with a deep social conscience, he was keenly interested in the New College Settlement, and ran a model Boys' Brigade. Enlisting in the 4th Royal Scots, he soon was commissioned in the 17th Battalion. He commanded for 13 months, and was awarded the M.C. On September 18, 1918, he was killed by a shell near Ypres, on the day previous to the death of his brother Major F.W. Scougal, in Salonika.