Australian Corps Infantry COs

The details of COs within the five Australian Divisions are kindly provide by Dr William Westerman who notes that ‘this list of substantive COs is a “best fit” representation, particularly in 1915 when AIF record keeping was particularly poor. Many COs on Gallipoli were removed without a clear indication as to when their command technically ceased, or who their successor was. As such, many of the 1915 dates of command are approximations. There were also gaps between substantive commands, when a temporary CO may have been in command, but was unable to assume the command permanently. Many COs began as temporary COs, and once they have been appointed substantively, had their substantive commands backdated to the start of the temporary commands’.

See: W.F. Westerman, Soldiers and Gentlemen: Australian Battalion Commanders in the Great War 1914-1918, Cambridge University Press, 2016.

1st Australian Division

2nd Australian Division

3rd Australian Divison

4th Australian Division

5th Australian Division