1st Battalion       

Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Cecil de la Montague Hill 04/08/1910 to 15/11/1914 Invalided

Lieutenant-Colonel Robert McDouall 16/11/1914 to 20/12/1914 Temporary absence

Lieutenant-Colonel Julian Hasler 21/12/1914 to 26/02/1915 Promoted

Lieutenant-Colonel Robert McDouall 27/02/1915 to 02/06/1915 Replaced

Lieutenant-Colonel Edward Heneage Finch-Hatton 03/06/1915 to 08/01/1916 Temporary absence

Lieutenant-Colonel Edmund George Francis Langdon Gould 09/01/1916 to 26/05/1916 Replaced

Lieutenant-Colonel Herbert Walter Green 27/05/1916 to 01/06/1916 Transferred to another active battalion

Lieutenant-Colonel Edward Heneage Finch-Hatton 02/06/1916 to 12/07/1916 Promoted

Lieutenant-Colonel Herbert Walter Green 13/07/1916 to 27/10/1917 Promoted

Major Bernard Lewis Strauss 27/10/1917 to 01/12/1917 Killed in action/Died of wounds

Lieutenant-Colonel Rowland Edward Power 12/12/1917 to 11/11/1918 Remained CO

2nd Battalion*    

Lieutenant-Colonel Augustus David Geddes 04/08/1914 to 28/04/1915 Killed in action/Died of wounds

Major Rowland Edward Power 28/04/1915 to 03/05/1915 Wounded

Captain James Victor Rae Jackson 03/05/1915 to 05/06/1915 Replaced

Lieutenant-Colonel Claude Arthur Worthington 06/06/1915 to 28/09/1915 Killed in action/Died of wounds

Lieutenant-Colonel Miles Beevor 29/09/1915 to 15/05/1916 Transferred

Lieutenant-Colonel Horace Audley Thewles 15/05/1916 to 01/08/1918 Replaced

Major Albert John Peareth 01/08/1918 to 11/11/1918 Remained CO

3rd (Special Reserve) Battalion       

Lieutenant-Colonel Harry Denne Hirst 04/08/1914 to 16/05/1918 Died

Lieutenant-Colonel Harold Findlay 20/06/1918 to 01/09/1918 Replaced

1/4th Battalion      

Lieutenant-Colonel Graham Gosling 04/08/1914 to 11/11/1918 Remained CO

1/5th Battalion       

Lieutenant-Colonel Joseph Munn Mace 04/08/1914 to 06/01/1916 Wounded

Major  James Scholfield Fraser 06/01/1916 to 13/01/1916 Killed in action/Died of wounds

Captain John Body 13/01/1916 to 21/01/1916 Replaced

Lieutenant-Colonel Foster Newton Thorne 21/01/1916 to 31/10/1916 Replaced

Lieutenant-Colonel John Body 31/10/1916 to 11/11/1918 Remained CO

2/4th Battalion       

Lieutenant-Colonel Edward Oscar Skey 19/09/1914 to 25/06/1915 Replaced

Lieutenant-Colonel Arthur Atkinson 26/06/1915 to 01/03/1916 Invalided

Lieutenant-Colonel Arthur Victor Cowell 02/03/1916 to 01/11/1917 Transferred to another active battalion

2/5th Battalion       

Lieutenant-Colonel Charles S Williams 29/10/1914 to 07/11/1915 Replaced

Lieutenant-Colonel George Joachim Goschen 07/11/1915 to 03/02/1917 Invalided

Lieutenant-Colonel William Robert Hodgson Iles 03/02/1917 to 01/11/1917 Replaced

3/4th (into 4th Reserve) Battalion       

Lieutenant-Colonel Leonard Charles Rudolph Messel 15/07/1915 to 24/02/1918 Replaced

Lieutenant-Colonel William Dennistoun Sword 25/02/1918 to 11/11/1918 Remained CO

3/5th (into 5th then 4th Reserve) Battalion       

Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Potter Kingsland 15/03/1915 to 31/08/1916 Replaced

6th (Service) Battalion       

Lieutenant-Colonel William Arnold Eaton 19/08/1914 to 05/11/1915 Replaced

Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Roger Evelyn Pratt 05/11/1915 to 10/03/1916 Replaced

Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas George Cope 15/03/1916 to 07/10/1916 Wounded

Major William Frederick Dawson 07/10/1916 to 07/11/1916 Replaced

Lieutenant-Colonel Victor Valentine Vincent Sandiford 07/11/1916 to 17/01/1917 Transferred to another active battalion

Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas George Cope 17/01/1917 to 08/06/1917 Promoted

Lieutenant-Colonel Arthur Sidney Smeltzer 09/06/1917 to 11/11/1918 Remained CO

7th (Service) Battalion      

Lieutenant-Colonel Gilbert Ward Johnson 06/09/1914 to 15/11/1914 Replaced

Lieutenant-Colonel William Bensley Young 16/11/1914 to 20/02/1915 Transferred to another active battalion

Lieutenant-Colonel Wilmot Foster Elmslie 20/02/1915 to 07/01/1916 Invalided

Major Ronald Lionel Percy Birch 07/01/1916 to 31/01/1916 Replaced

Lieutenant-Colonel Algernon Lee Ransome 01/02/1916 to 02/09/1918 Promoted

Lieutenant-Colonel Hubert Montagu Cotton Curtis 03/09/1918 to ?/10/1918 Replaced

Major Humphrey Cecil Travel Stronge ?/10/1918 to 11/11/1918 Remained CO

8th (Service) Battalion       

Lieutenant-Colonel Frederick Charles Romer 01/10/1914 to 26/09/1915 Killed in action/Died of wounds

Lieutenant-Colonel Arthur Philip Hamilton Trueman 07/10/1915 to 16/02/1916 Invalided

Major John Sydney Cunningham 16/02/1916 to 15/03/1916 Replaced

Lieutenant-Colonel Leonard Wainwright Lucas 16/03/1916 to 15/11/1916 Replaced

Lieutenant-Colonel Francis Cyril Rupert Studd 15/11/1916 to 15/10/1917 Wounded

Major William Rousall Corrall 15/10/1917 to 28/01/1918 Replaced

Lieutenant-Colonel Francis Cyril Rupert Studd 28/01/1918 to 13/02/1918 Remained CO

9th (Reserve) Battalion       

Lieutenant-Colonel Roger Archibald Reith 04/11/1914 to 31/08/1916 Transferred to another active battalion

10th Battalion       

Lieutenant-Colonel Arthur O'Brien ffrench-Blake 10/02/1917 to 15/05/1917 Replaced

Lieutenant-Colonel Lionel Edward Sackville (Sackville-West) 15/05/1917 to 16/06/1918 Replaced

Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Henry Balston 16/06/1918 to 11/11/1918 Remained CO

1st Garrison (Home Service) Batalion (into 2nd Battalion RDC)      

Lieutenant-Colonel Herbert Gore 07/04/1916 to 01/08/1917 Transferred to another active battalion

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