1/1st Battalion       

Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Walter Hampden (Brand) 04/08/1914 to 26/01/1915 Promoted

Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Page Croft 28/02/1915 to 08/02/1916 Promoted

Lieutenant-Colonel Frank Page 08/02/1916 to 31/07/1917 Killed in action/Died of wounds

Lieutenant-Colonel Eric Charles Malcolm Phillips 31/07/1917 to 23/03/1918 Prisoner of war

Lieutenant-Colonel Roger Wilkinson 13/04/1918 to 11/05/1918 Replaced

Lieutenant-Colonel Reginald Caunter Carthew 22/05/1918 to 06/09/1918 Replaced

Lieutenant-Colonel John Lister Heselton 06/09/1918 to 11/11/1918 Remained CO

2/1st Battalion       

Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Elton Longmore 28/10/1914 to 13/05/1916 Replaced

Lieutenant-Colonel Lovel Francis Smeathman 13/05/1916 to 22/11/1916 Transferred to another active battalion

Lieutenant-Colonel John Simonds 22/11/1916 to 14/04/1917 Replaced

Lieutenant-Colonel Harry Stanley Atkinson 14/04/1917 to 01/12/1917 Invalided

3/1st (Reserve - into 1st Reserve) Battalion       

Lieutenant-Colonel Herbert Baker 15/12/1914 to 10/09/1917 Replaced

4/1st Battalion       

Lieutenant-Colonel John Donald Hunt 18/11/1915 to 01/08/1917 Transferred to another active battalion



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