1/1st Battalion       

Lieutenant-Colonel Norman Evelyn Rothes (Leslie) 04/08/1914 to 03/08/1916 Replaced

Lieutenant-Colonel George Henry Lindsay Simson 03/08/1916 to 03/04/1917 Replaced

Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Russell Bowlby 03/04/1917 to 15/11/1917 Replaced

Lieutenant-Colonel Arthur Victor Cowell 15/11/1917 to 11/11/1918 Remained CO

2/1st Battalion       

Lieutenant-Colonel J T Cathcart 01/11/1914 to 11/11/1918 Remained CO

3/1st Battalion       

Major James McKillop 31/05/1915 to 31/03/1916 Replaced


Highland Cyclist

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