Royal Newfoundland Regiment

The regiment raised two battalions, the first of which saw active service. See here for further details.

1st Battalion

Lieutenant-Colonel William Hodgson Franklin from 21/08/1914 to 20/10/1918 Replaced

Lieutenant-Colonel E.B. Clegg (Canadian Militia) from 20/10/1914 to 12/11/1914 Replaced

Lieutenant-Colonel Reginald de Hardwick Burton (Middlesex Regiment) from 12/11/1914 to 30/10/1915 Wounded

Major Tom Maxwell Drew (Leicestershire Regiment) from 30/10/1915 to 05/12/1915 Replaced

Lieutenant-Colonel Arthur Lovell Hadow (Norfolk Regiment) from 05/12/1915 to 27/11/1916 Invalided

Lieutenant-Colonel James Forbes-Robertson (Border Regiment) from 27/11/1916 to 05/05/1917 Replaced

Lieutenant-Colonel Arthur Lovell Hadow from 05/05/1917 to ?/10/1917 Replaced

Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Holland Tait (Newfoundland Regiment) from ?/101917 to 21/12/1917

Lieutenant-Colonel James Ross Meiklejohn (Border Regiment) from 21/12/1917 to 28/12/1917

Major Adolph Ernest Bernard (Newfoundland Regiment) from 28/12/1917 to 01/01/1918

Lieutenant-Colonel John Sheldon Woodruffe (Sussex Regiment) from 01/01/1918 to 01/06/1918

Major Adolph Ernest Bernard from 01/06/1918 to 30/06/1918 Replaced

Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Gilbert Mathias (Welsh Regiment) from 01/07/1918 to 11/11/1918 Remained CO

Lieutenant-Colonel Arthur Hadow, CO of the Newfoundland Regiment at Beaumont Hamel, 1 July 1916